09 Aug

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It is with great sense of sadness and deep grief, that the Executive Committee of the Sudan Doctors' Union - UK Branch (SDU - UK) mourns the death of one of its esteemed members who was our former deputy president, a true scholar and a gentleman.

Mr Ali Nour Elgaleel Abdel Rahman passed away peacefully on Saturday night 08/08/2020 amongst his family in Manchester, UK after a short illness. Mr Rahman, was a founding member and Lead Clinician of the Heart and Transplant Unit at Wythenshawe hospital, Manchester, UK before he retired. No doubt, he was a brilliant and skilled surgeon both in and out of theatres, a much loved and respected member amongst his colleagues and friends. He was also known for his high moral values, depth of character and humble attitude. He was always a man with graceful poise and a bright smile.

 Mr Rahman was a pillar of the community in his beloved home town of Manchester and a stanch advocate for human rights and democracy especially in his native homeland, Sudan. He dedicated much of his energy and life work to opposing all autocratic regimes in Sudan. His lifelong wish for freedom, peace and justice was proudly rejoiced and celebrated with his fellow native country citizens the victory of the Sudan uprising in April 2019.

Mr Rahman held a Masters degree in music, and was a multi talented musician mastering the saxophone and guitar. Indeed, he was instrumental in moulding the jazz culture in the sixties in Sudan where he was a founding member of the renowned singer, Sharhabeel Ahmed's jazz group, the tunes and songs of which continue to reverberate through the sound waves in Sudan to this day.

Mr Rahman's pride and joy was his beloved family to whom he dedicated his life and work. He left behind his lifelong soulmate and good wife, Louise, and their three children; Amani, Nadia and Sami, as well as his grandchildren. Our deepest and heartfelt condolences go out to them as they will always be in our thoughts and prayers, especially at these most difficult of times.

May his soul rest in peace and we pray to the Almighty that he grants peace and solace to all those who have known Ali, as we will miss him dearly.

Sudan Doctors’ Union UK branch


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