14 Jan

Khartoum, (SUDAN): January 12th, 2019

On Wednesday January 9th, 2019 our protests reached a new milestone with multiple and simultaneous demonstrations in the city of Omdurman

The regime, as expected, responded using excessive force. Its agents employed batons, tear gas and live munition in targeting peaceful protestors. Three fatalities were reported, and dozens of demonstrators were injured, many of whom continue to receive medical care. Despite the threat of violence, and arbitrary arrests by the security apparatus, peaceful demonstrators continued to show great restraint, persistence and tenacity as they march for their rights. Several videos from the demonstrations in Omdurman were aired by several TV stations, and circulated in social media. These showcase the overwhelming role of women and youth in invigorating this uprising

Across the river in Khartoum, the dictator General El Bashir orchestrated a desperate and poorly-attended gathering of the regime supporters at the Green Square “El Alsaha El Khadhra Square”.  Protesters were again on the streets on Friday in several places in Khartoum and Omdurman

Several of the regime leaders, including the former 1st vice president Mr. Ali Osman Taha, and Mr. El Fatih EIzzledin, a former Spokesman of the regime’s parliament appeared on pro-government TV stations in an effort to intimidate the demonstrators. Some of these messages were explicit calls to the regime’s militias to target the protesters with extreme force and calls for killing those who oppose the government employing dangerous and malicious rhetoric in calling the demonstrators communists, and destructive forces supported by external powers.

Mr. Younis Mahmoud, another leading member of the regime and a retired Islamist General, in a lengthy rant threatened in effect that “Rivers of blood shall flow , and only on our dead bodies will power be transferred to another political group”

Ms. Sara Abdelgalil, a member of the SPA Secretariat, announced that “SPA, working closely with its partners, the signatories of the Declaration of Freedom and Change, orchestrated another peaceful demonstration which took place in Khartoum North (Bahri) on Sunday 13th January 2019." Similar and simultaneous protests were reported in other Sudanese towns, e.g in El Fashir and Niyla in the Darfur region, in Medani in the Central region, and in Port Sudan in the Eastern region. The call goes out to all the people of Sudan in these and in other towns and villages to continue their peaceful protests. She added that “escalation will continue through the strikes by several professional unions”.

The alliance groups are committed to achieving the goals detailed in the Declaration of Freedom and Change, and will continue on peacefully protesting until the regime is toppled, and an adequate transition of power established

Four weeks now into this uprising, the people of Sudan are ever more united. The effectiveness of these peaceful and democratic protests is further demonstrated. This uprising to bring down General El Bashir and his kleptocratic regime is gaining more momentum, even among his supporters

The Sudanese people who showed unprecedented courage, creativeness and solidarity will not be defeated by the corrupt violent regime this time. The world ought not remain silent. We ask all Sudanese in the diaspora, the friends of the Sudanese people and all supporters of freedom to continue their support of the Sudanese uprising

Please provide the media with information and evidence, talk to your local communities and colleagues at work, and contact your political representatives asking them to exert pressure on the dying regime

The right of the Sudanese people to dignity and democratic representation should be respected


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