03 Dec

Sudan Doctors Union - UK Branch


Summary of the Human Rights violations by the October 25th military coup leaders and their militias in Sudan ——————————————- 

⭕️ 43 victims killed in Khartoum, including 5 children. Site of bullet wounds: Mostly head, neck and chest. ⭕️ Over 600 injuries were reported including severely disabling traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries and multiple limb and nerve injuries. 

⭕️ At least 11 incidents of violation against property and people managing healthcare facilities including the raiding of the National Blood Bank, denying wounded protesters to access hospitals, firing teargas inside hospital premises and the physical abuse and unlawful arrests of healthcare professionals and their patients while in health-care settings. 

⭕️ Shutdown of the internet and media blackout for 25 consecutive days 

⭕️ Mass arbitrary detentions among: - Politicians and civilian members of the cabinet and sovereignty council - Peacefully protesting teachers - Activists and leaders of the resistance committees Detainees with confirmed COVID-19 were deprived from receiving medical care. 

⭕️ Jebel Moon (Western Darfur) Massacre: - More than 43 killed - 46 villages burnt - More than 4,000 displaced - Reports of rape and sexual assaults levelled against women and girls


Sources: - Unified Office of Sudanese Doctors - Central Committee of Sudan Doctors - UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (Sudan) - UN Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) ————————- 

SDU-UK Media Office 3 December 2021

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