29 Aug

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Executive summary

Previous attempts to develop an e-Health strategy for Sudan have proved challenging. In 2005 the Federal Ministry of Health and the East Mediterranean Regional Office of the WHO commissioned a paper to consider an e-Health strategy for the country. Despite the production of a comprehensive strategy document, tangible progress has not been made.

In the height of the current COVID19 pandemic, His Excellency, the Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdock asked the Sudanese medical diaspora to revisit this important strategy for the country.

The Sudan Doctors Union UK has prepared a discussion paper that considers the potential benefits of implementing e-health interventions during the pandemic. An attempt by Sudan to execute any aspects of Telemedicine now represents a “no regret” strategy that may serve as a proof of concept for more medium- and long-term development in digital health.

This paper is not intended to be a comprehensive review of e-Health in Sudan but to consider quickly various aspects of such a strategy within the context of COVID19 today and beyond. It is recommended that the actions outlined in this document regarding the COVID 19 pandemic be considered urgently.

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